General information
English name Okara
Japanese name
Physical appearance
Gender Female
Hair Black
First appearance
Last appearance
Voice actor Megumi Tano (Japanese)
Zarah Little (English)

Okara is a villager child that lives in Kanna village. She is shown to be close friends with Komachi, as Okara is always receiving letters from her about everything that goes on with the samurai. A strong lover of gossip and secrets, she always a mischievous laugh whenever she sees a secret or overhears some juicy gossip. She has a crush on Shichiroji and always blushes when he talks to her. Even though Okara is around Komachi's age, she speaks and acts like a full grown woman with wisdom and perception of truth far beyond her years. Okara always has a baby on her back, though it's never explained whose baby it is, what its name is, if it's a boy or a girl, or even why it's with her.

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