There are in total 26 episodes in the anime Samurai 7.

Number English title Japanese title
1 The Master 斬る! (Kiru!)
2 The Pupil 喰う! (Kuu!)
3 The Entertainer ご冗談を! (Gojōdan o!)
4 The Loner 参る! (Mairu!)
5 The Drifter お粗末! (Osomatsu!)
6 The Fool 任せろ! (Makasero!)
7 The Friend 癒す! (Iyasu!)
8 The Guardians 怒る! (Ikaru!)
9 The Bandits 真っ二つ! (Mapputatsu!)
10 The Journey 集う! (Tsudou!)
11 The Village やって来た! (Yatte Kita!)
12 The Truth わめく! (Wameku!)
13 The Attack 撃つ! (Utsu!)
14 The Offering 暴れる! (Abareru!)
15 The Gun and the Calm ずぶ濡れ! (Zubunure!)
16 The Storm 死す! (Shisu!)
17 The Remembrance ずぶ濡れ! (Zubunure!)
18 The Emperor 潜る! (Moguru!)
19 The Mutiny 背く! (Somuku!)
20 The Execution 着替える! (Kigaeru!)
21 The Rescue たわけ! (Tawake!)
22 The Divide ひっぱたく! (Hippataku!)
23 The Lies うそつき! (Usotsuki!)
24 The Oaths 契る! (Chigiru!)
25 The Last Battle うそつき! (Usotsuki!)
26 The Era's End 植える! (Ueru!)

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